Ballet Bellingham - Think it. Dream it. Dance it.

Dress Code

All levels: Girls - pink tights and pink ballet shoes.
                      Boys -white shirt, black tights or pants, and black
                      or white ballet shoes.

Leotard Colors:

Creative Movement - Any color
Pre-Ballet -                   Light pink
Ballet I -                        Lavender
Ballet II -                      Burgundy
Ballet III -                    Navy Blue
Ballet IV/V -                Black
Homeschool ballet -   Any color
                                               Advanced -                   Any color

  • Teen/Adult Beginning students may dress in anything that is comfortable and easy to move in. Ballet shoes, socks, or bare feet are acceptable.

  • All students must have their hair pulled off their face. Students in Ballet II and up must have their hair in a bun.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the dress code. Any students not dressed appropriately will be asked to sit out class.

  • Leg warmers and wrap sweaters are the only allowed extras for students in Ballet I thru Ballet V.

  • With the exception of small earrings, please no jewelry or watches.

  • Please no street shoes on the dance floor. Dirt brought in from outside will ruin the floors.